The Palixian Blog

Monday, August 28, 2006

The whole "why does Palixia have a blog" thing

Yes, I have this shiny new blog, mostly because some of my friends are say "your interesting, get a blog...". As I have done twice before, I said to myself, "Self... this is a good idea and something you should do."

Whether it is something I *DO* do on a regular basis remains to be seen.

So what is there to know about that Kuh-Rrazy Palixia?

I go to Boston College (GO BC)... I am trying to major in COmmunications, and eventually run my own radio station some day (don't care if the communications buisness is dying)... I like to use the 3 dots a lot... I play NationStates, as many of you may know ::virtu-stares at Tetris L-Shaped Block, Philanchez, Spooty, TGE, Abascalania, Solray, and any one elsse who may decided to click the link::.. I am an avid Firefox User...or was... but then I got a new comp, and didn't d/l Firefox for a while (damn AOL)... but now it's back (The Fox Rox my Box!).

I am also the average partying college-student (Friday Night Beerpong ROCKS!) and have no money... I like Lacrosse... and Das Futeball...I ROCK at guitar!! (Playing Gigs like every weekend...)

Palixia also plays NationStates (under the name...Palixia).... it takes up too much of my time, I have relized.... I also find it to be rude to type in the third person... now if you'll excuse me, Palixia's HUNGRY!